Milford Moose Visits The Joan Miró Art Museum

Barcelona is a city in Spain that is famous for many things, but especially its artists. Many great writers, painters, and poets come from the region, so Milford was very excited to learn a little bit about some of Spain’s greatest artists during his visit to Barcelona.

This little Moose decided to start his artistic journey at the Joan Miró museum. Who was Joan Miró?

He was a man born in Barcelona who later went on to become one of the most famous Spanish artists in the world! He was a surrealist, which means his art can have strange creatures and fantastical settings. Milford was ready to see it for himself, so he headed inside the museum!

What did Milford find there?

The little Moose discovered that Joan Miró’s paintings were indeed very strange. He wasn’t quite sure how to interpret this one.

Or this one.

But he did like the colors on many of them and they kind of reminded him of a strange dream he had once when he fell asleep after eating way too much lasagna.

Milford discovered that Joan Miró didn’t just paint.

He worked with textiles, thread, and yarn to create massive pieces of art like this one. Milford Moose couldn’t imagine how one little man made something so big!

Joan Miró also liked to make sculptures, and many were as colorful as his paintings!

This little Moose had a lot of fun looking at the sculptures and imagining what they might be.

Like this one which looks like a strange, tall bird.

And this other one that reminded Milford of a weird dog having a very bad hair day.

Milford admired how brave Joan Miró was. He wasn’t afraid to try out new ways of creating art!

In the end, the little Moose was very glad he’d decided to visit the museum. And he made a funny new friend who he couldn’t resist posing for a picture with.

Milford thought Joan Miró’s mind must be a very colorful, magical place!

What do you think?

(Planning a visit to the museum? Check out their website for more information!) 

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