Milford Moose Spends A Day In Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is one of Spain’s biggest cities and is located on the coast. Can you follow Milford’s hoof prints to find it? 

Milford Moose had heard many good things about Barcelona and he was ready to put his hooves to work and explore the city! What does a Moose like Milford find when he’s on the loose in Barcelona? 

This little Moose discovered that there are many interesting buildings in Barcelona. 

Like Casa Batlló, a wacky-looking building created by the famous architect Antoni Gaudí

Or the most famous cathedral in all of Barcelona: La Sagrada Familia (which was also designed by Gaudí, wouldn’t you know?). 

Barcelona was also once home to some of the most famous artists in the world! So Milford went on a mission to find out a little bit more about them. 

He paid a visit to the 4 Gats cafe where Picasso used to hang out with his friends. Did they talk about art? Milford wondered. 

There’s also Joan Miró’s art museum where some of the artist’s greatest works are! This little Moose spent some time wandering the museum and looking at all the colorful pieces. 

There were also many interesting things to see out in Barcelona’s streets. Like this interesting work of art by an anonymous artist that Milford kind of liked. 

Or the Arco de Triunfo, Barcelona’s triumphant arch that sits in the middle of the city. This little Moose looked up and up and up a thought about how very tall it was. 

Milford also made a new friend. This giant cat didn’t talk much, but he let little Milford sit on his whiskers and rest his hooves for a moment! 

This little Moose’s last stop for the day was the beach. Because Barcelona is on Spain’s coast, Milford didn’t have to go very far. 

He found the water to be a little too cold for swimming (BRRRRRRRRR!), but had fun looking for pretty stones and shells. 

Once he brushed the sand out of his fur, Milford was ready to take a break. His hooves were a little sore from all that walking, so he found a funky chair and sat down to think about his day.

Milford decided he liked Barcelona very, very much. He couldn’t wait to come back again someday!

What are your favorite parts of Milford’s day in Barcelona?

Looking for more? Read all about Milford’s adventures at the Joan Miró Museum here! 

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