Milford Moose Has A New Orleans Adventure

You can’t visit the wonderful state of Louisiana without stopping in to see its most famous city: New Orleans! Milford Moose had heard so many great stories about New Orleans and couldn’t wait to explore!

New Orleans is located way over in the toe of the shoe that is Louisiana. Can you follow Milford’s hoofprints to the star?

You’ve found New Orleans! 

So how does a little Moose like Milford get around New Orleans? 

Maybe he rides a pretty yellow bike…

Or a snazzy tricycle! Only problem is, Milford’s short little legs couldn’t reach the pedals. 

So he decided to try a safer, more Moose-friendly option like riding in one of New Orleans’ famous red trams.

Turns out, it’s the perfect way to see the city! 

Milford Moose traveled all around New Orleans looking at the pretty buildings.

And saw the amazing Saint Louis Cathedral

Before long, this little Moose started to get very, very hungry so he stopped at a restaurant for some good ol’ New Orleans food! Milford learned that two of New Orleans most famous dishes are Po’ Boys and Gumbo.

Since he couldn’t make up his mind, the little Moose decided to try both. 

It was so tasty, Milford Moose asked to meet the chef just so he could give him a big fat kiss! 

After lunch, Milford Moose was so full all he wanted was a nice, long nap. But not before dropping by Cafe du Monde, New Orleans’ most popular coffee shop! 

But, even though the pastries looked ever so tasty, this little Moose didn’t have room in his tummy for more. “Maybe tomorrow.” Milford thought to himself. 

So instead, Milford went home to take a nap and dream about his big New Orleans adventure. What adventures will tomorrow bring?


The End


Did you like this adventure? Check out Milford’s animated short about his trip to New Orleans! 

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