Milford Moose Explores The World’s Bicycle City: Amsterdam!

Amsterdam is the beautiful capital of a European country called the Netherlands. The Netherlands is surrounded by Germany and Belgium, and right next to the North Sea. 

Can you find Amsterdam on the map? It’s right where the orange star is! Do you notice that Amsterdam is located right by the water? That’s one of the things this city is famous for! Let’s see what exciting things Milford Moose finds on his adventure in Amsterdam:

Since Amsterdam is surrounded by canals and rivers, there are lots and lots of bridges everywhere. This little Moose can’t help but admire this bridge that can be pulled up to let boats through! 

Others are old and made of stone. Milford noticed that there are bicycles all around Amsterdam! That’s because Amsterdam is the bicycle capital of the world, and sometimes called the Bicycle City! 

Not only are Amsterdam’s bridges pretty to look at, but there’s a lot of amazing street art too.

Some of it has many bits of art-Milford Moose is sure he’ll never grow tired of looking at it all. 

Even the buildings are artistic and fun to look at! 

Milford Moose knows he must pay a visit to one of Amsterdam’s most iconic sites: Bloemenmarkt, the famous local flower market. 

There are beautiful flowers everywhere in Bloemenmarkt. Our little Moose finds them in all sorts of colors too! 

There are even strange looking little cacti in bright colors like pink, yellow, and orange. How many different colors can you see in the picture? 

Milford is a little tired from walking all over the market, but luckily he finds the perfect place for a quick nap: a Moose-sized Dutch clog! 

All that walking has also made Milford hungry, and he’s ready to explore Amsterdam more, and find some tasty treats!

Soup and these cute mini-sandwiches are the perfect thing to fill this little Moose’s belly.

And a delicious hot chocolate (with lots of whipped cream) is the best drink for a cool Autumn day in Amsterdam.

Milford’s tummy is very, very full when he’s done. This little Moose has to take a moment to relax and let all that yummy food digest! What better place than a pretty blue chair with a view of one of Amsterdam’s canals? 

Milford Moose decides that a great way to finish off his day in Amsterdam, is to buy some very big, very pink cotton candy. Sweet and fun! Like his day in beautiful Amsterdam! 

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