Milford Moose Celebrates Alice’s Day In Oxford

Have you ever heard of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland? It’s a magical story for children written by a man named Lewis Carroll. It’s a story about a girl named Alice who falls down a rabbit hole and has all kinds of strange adventures on the other side!

If you’ve never read it, this little Moose highly recommends you do! Yes, now. Stop looking at this post and go to the library already!

But, if you have read Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland you’ll be happy to know that once a year Alice’s adventures are brought to life in a pretty British city called Oxford where Lewis Carroll once lived.

What sort of adventures does a Moose get up to when he’s celebrating Alice’s Day in Oxford?

Well, first he takes in a show by the Raj Circus who came all the way from India just for Alice’s special day!

Milford is very impressed by the people in the circus. They can do things like balance pots on their heads and spin around tall poles. This little Moose certainly can’t do that!

After the show there’s some tasty Alice-themed treats! Which is good, because Milford’s tummy is starting to growl.

He has some Jabberwocky Juice and a cupcake that says ‘We’re All Mad Here’ on the top.

He wonders if the Jabberwocky Juice will make him start talking in nonsense rhymes, or if the cupcake will make him shrink to a tiny Moose or grow really, really big into a giant Moose!

Luckily, the only thing that happens is this little Moose gets a bit of a sugar rush. So he decides to play a tune for the White Rabbit, Humpty-Dumpty, and a frog in a suit.

Milford Moose’s hooves are tired from all that playing, but he can’t rest yet. There’s a Cheshire Cat Trail to do! The trail leads this little Moose all around Oxford looking for the elusive Cheshire Cat’s grin.

Along the way Milford comes upon a hedgehog protest. It seems these cute, prickly animals are tired of being used as balls in croquet matches. Which Milford thinks is more than fair. Hedgehogs have feelings too, you know.

This little Moose protests with the hedgehogs for a bit before heading on his way.

“Good luck!” he calls as he continues on in his search for the Cheshire Cat’s grin.

In the end, Milford can’t find the real Cheshire Cat, but he does find three other cats and their grins were just as good as seeing the Cheshire Cat’s!

They also give Milford a playing card because he did all that walking and his grin is so nice so his three new cat friends think he deserves a prize!

Milford Moose gets to go home with his very own copy of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and a strange looking plant he names Louie.

All in all it was a fun Alice’s Day! Milford can’t wait until next year!


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