Kid-Friendly Activities To Do In Barcelona

When it comes to kid-friendly cities, Barcelona definitely ranks high on our list! If you’re planning a little family vacay to this beautiful Spanish metropolis, give one of these activities a try. You’ll have fun and your little ones will too!


  1. Beach

Barcelona is warm in the summer (think mid-80s) and heading to the beach is a great way to cool off—especially if you’ve been doing a lot of walking around and sight-seeing. Barcelona is on the Mediterranean, but the water is still a bit chilly so save your beach outing for a day you know is going to be sunny and hot. You’ll have a great time relaxing with a good book while your kids play in the surf. Even better, there’s lots of cute little ice-cream shops and fun restaurants nearby for when you’re ready for some refreshment.


  1. Casa Batlló

This house is considered to be one of the masterpieces of the great Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí, and is definitely worth a visit with your kids. The colourful and whimsical interior will spark their imagination and they’ll learn about one of Spain’s most famous architects in the process. The interior of Casa Batlló is meant to inspire the feeling of being in an underwater wonderland so it’s a fun idea to imagine the windows are sea turtles, the tiles are water bubbles, and there are any number of sea creatures hiding out around every corner. Head all the way to the roof to discover the greatest creature of them all, the multi-colored dragon who watches over Barcelona from the top of the house.


  1. Cable Cars

Cable cars are sure to be a hit with kids and a fun way to see the city! Montjüic is one of Barcelona’s more famous mountains as it overlooks the sea. There are two different cable cars that ride to and from Montjüic, one takes you to the beach and the other to Montjüic Castle. Another option is to pay a visit to the Joan Miró Foundation which is locate on top of Montjüic (and also a fun, artsy activity for kids) and then take the cable car down to the beach!


  1. Gothic Quarter

The Gothic Quarter is in the older part of Barcelona and can be a lot of fun to explore. Many of the streets are pedestrian-friendly so you don’t need to worry about the kids accidentally running into traffic. You’ll find interesting street art, some of Barcelona’s most iconic sites, and beautiful old buildings. The Gothic Quarter is also full of shops and restaurants so there’s plenty of places to take breaks if the kids (or you) run out of energy along the way!


  1. Chocolate & Churros

When it comes to some downtime, how about trying one of Barcelona’s best sweet treats? Churros are a fried doughy sweetbread and in Spain are served with chocolate dipping sauce. While this might give the kids a sugar rush, it’s also a treat you can’t miss when visiting the city! Check out some of these great churros and chocolate places in Barcelona and let us know what you think. Remember, if worse comes to worse, chocolate and churros are a great bargaining chip to use with the kids.

Do you have any family-friendly activities you enjoy doing in Barcelona? Share them with us!


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