A Moose On The Loose: Milford Visits Louisiana’s Creole Nature Trail


It was Milford’s first visit to Louisiana and he was very excited. This little state in the United States has a funny shape (like a sock) but there’s so many amazing things to see! One of those things is the Creole Nature Trail where travelers can spot some of Louisiana’s famous animals hanging out in their natural habitat.

What does this little Moose see on a nature trail?


Beautiful white birds with long, long legs looking for tasty treats in the water. Milford wondered if the water was very cold. Probably much too chilly for this little Moose!


Smiling crocodiles trying to catch the sun’s rays.


The crocodile looked friendly enough, but just to be on the safe side Milford stayed in the car. After all, his teeth were very, very sharp.


Some birds were more than one color, like this pretty bird with a fluffy feather Mohawk!


And sometimes the crocodiles and the birds hung out together. Milford thought the bird was very brave to be so near to Mr. Crocodile’s pointy smile.


There were other animals which didn’t mind stopping to say hello to this little Moose. Like Miss Turtle who took a moment while crossing the road to pose with Milford for a photo.


Other birds liked gathering in big flocks. Milford doesn’t understand bird language, but it seemed to him that they were all very excited about the day’s gossip!


Visiting the Creole Nature Trail was an interesting experience for our little Moose. As he gazed out at the wetlands, he felt very happy knowing that his animal friends had such a nice, safe place to live.

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