A Moose On The Loose: Milford Moose Makes Gulab Jamun


While in India for the Hindu festival called Diwali, Milford Moose got to try many delicious holiday treats. Sweet or salty, he loved them all! 

One of the little Moose’s favorites was a sweet dish called Gulab Jamun, so he asked his Indian friends if they could teach him how this tasty treat is made. 

“Of course!” they said. 

First, they made the dough for the soft, spongy balls. Milford learned that you need flour, ghee, baking powder, and milk. They mixed it all together until it made a white dough that looked like this:


Next came the fun part! Milford helped his friends roll the dough into little balls. They had to roll an almond in the center of each one. The little Moose’s friends told him if the almond wasn’t in the middle, the ball would burst when it’s cooked. Oh dear! 


Next, the dough balls were placed in hot oil a few at a time to cook. Milford had to be very careful because the oil was so hot and he didn’t want to burn his fur.


Once the balls were cooked nice and brown (like the color of Milford’s fur), they were scooped from the pan and placed in a syrup made out of boiled sugar, water, rose water, and cardamom


But just because the Gulab Jamun was cooked, it didn’t mean it was ready to eat. Milford learned that you must let the dough balls soak for several hours if you really want to get the flavors right. He wasn’t sure he could wait so long to taste! 


Finally the moment came, and the little Moose dug right in. 

“Mmmmm!” he said. “I love Gulab Jamun!”

And Milford ate it all right up. 


Milford’s little Moose tummy was very full, but not so full he didn’t have room for a cup of authentic Indian chai (sweet tea made with milk, tea, sugar, and spices). 


The chai was so delicious that Milford wanted to learn how to make it too! But he was still a little tired from cooking (and eating) all that Gulab Jamun, so Milford thought it would be better to save that lesson for another day. 

What are some of your favorite Indian treats? 

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  • Little Moose

    – Great Blog post Post, Milford! Loosey Moosey said she just might try to make the recipe, for Christmoose..!
    – Little Moose


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