5 Family-Friendly Activities To Do In New Orleans

You may associate New Orleans with parties and drinking, but this city has so much to see and do outside of the famous Bourbon Street bars. In fact, New Orleans is a great place to explore with kids. Here’s 5 fun activities you shouldn’t miss out on when seeing the city with your family!

1. Walking The French Market

2 French Market Pl

Open daily 10am-6pm

Located in downtown New Orleans, The French Market is an open-air flea market that’s full of goodies for both adults and kids. Spend some time browsing stands of homemade items and purchase a few souvenirs to take home with you.

When hunger strikes, head over to the food section of The French Market and try some local treats!


2. See The French Quarter

The French Quarter is full of quirky buildings and beautiful walks—both of which you can enjoy together with your kids. Take a ride around in a horse-drawn carriage, or do the rounds on foot.

Be sure to pop in to St. Louis Cathedral which is gorgeous both outside and in! If you’re still worried that the little ones are going to be bored, sign them up for the French Quartour Kids! These tours cater to children of different ages ranging from 4-18 and are a fun and educational way to experience the French Quarter.


3. Crescent Park

1008 N Peters St

Open 6am-7:30pm

Crescent Park lies along the water and is a lovely place to let your kids run off some energy while you relax nearby. The park has plenty of picnic tables, so pack your breakfast or lunch and go hang out for a while.

An added bonus is that the park offers some of the best views of the city skyline that you’ll find anywhere in New Orleans!


4. Ride the streetcars

You can’t visit New Orleans and not ride a streetcar at least once! New Orleans has numerous streetcars that traverse the city and not only is it a great way to sightsee, but it’s incredibly fun.

Children 2 years and under can ride for free, but 3 years and above have to pay the same standard fares you would. A one-way trip is $1.25, and a Jazzy Pass card, which you can get in 1-day, 3-day, and 31-day versions, costs $3, $9, and $55 respectively. Read more about the fares here.


5. Eat at Café du Monde

500 Port of New Orleans Suite 27 (Riverwalk location)

Open Mon-Sat 8am-9pm, Sun 8am-7pm

Café du Monde is probably one of New Orleans’ most famous eateries—the long lines of people waiting to get in is surely proof of that! You don’t want to subject your kids to standing in line for an hour just so you can enjoy beignets and chicory-infused coffee (I’m sure they will be nonplussed at the idea), so here’s a little secret: Café du Monde actually has more than one location where you can buy the EXACT SAME THINGS.

The Riverwalk Café du Monde is lovely and a much easier place to find a seat so you can relax after a long day of walking New Orleans with your kids. And, of course, they’ll get to try some tasty, sweet beignets, so everyone will be happy all around!


Want to learn more about New Orleans? Check out Milford’s blog and animated short about his New Orleans adventures!

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